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Organizations looking to make lasting changes and unlock their potential should consider working with a Business Transformation Group (BTG). Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Washington, D. C., BTG is a consultancy that helps organizations achieve their goals through comprehensive transformation plans. Beyond the transformation plan, BTG helps ensure that the organization changes the way it works in the long term, so that the company does not return to old ways as transformation initiatives are completed. The most successful transformations turn ideas into detailed business plans with trackable metrics and defined deadlines for measuring results.

This is what years of research have taught us about how to start a holistic and lasting business transformation. But what is the minimum level of employee engagement needed to ensure the success of the transformation? McKinsey recently analyzed data from 60 organizations that have been undergoing transformation for at least two years and found that transformations in which at least 7% of employees own part of the transformation are twice as likely to generate better total returns for shareholders. While the most successful transformations address most of an organization's value creation opportunities, some focus on a specific topic (for example, the transformation of the workforce to adopt agile working methods). McKinsey research has long documented that enterprise-wide transformation is difficult, since less than a third of transformations achieve their objectives of improving organizational performance and maintaining these improvements over time. The Director of Transformation (CTO), a high-level position that is becoming increasingly important in many sectors, is the high-level organizer of the transformation process. The CTO is responsible for leading the organization through its transformation journey, from developing a strategy to implementing it.

The CTO must also ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in the process and that everyone understands their role in achieving success. Business Transformation Groups can help organizations succeed by providing guidance on how to develop a comprehensive transformation plan. They can also provide advice on how to engage employees in the process and ensure that everyone understands their role in achieving success. Additionally, BTG can help organizations measure progress and track results over time, so they can make adjustments as needed. By working with a Business Transformation Group, organizations can create comprehensive plans for success and ensure that everyone is engaged in the process. This will help them unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

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